linii electrice aeriene


Open Electric Lines

This category of electroenergetic installations holds a dominant place in the configuration of the electric power supply system of the urban and rural consumers.

The work teams of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov have participated significantly to such works, and especially to the works on the open average and low voltage lines.

Due to their characteristics, open electric lines can be found both within the limits inhabited areas and outside, and the layout of the poles varies largely. 

The high standards of quality required for the setting of open lines imposed it that the works performed in different execution stages be done well by the work teams of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov.

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov gives warranty through the large number of works so far performed on the open electric lines. The company specialists and technologies warrant the execution of foundation works at the parameters required in the projects.

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov owns the equipment necessary to perform different works and activities such as earthwork engineering, excavation, lifting, transport and towing. The company has the equipment necessary to manage special situations.

The specialists of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov give much importance to examining the electric line setting-up projects and they contribute to establishing the concrete solutions of adaptation of the works to the location.

The mounting of the poles regardless of their nature (wooden, metal or armored concrete poles), the mounting of the insulators, the winding off and tightening of the conductors to the dip, the fastening of conductors on insulators and other operations are carried out with professionalism by the teams of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov.

The open electric line works made by S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov are completed well by making the earthing installations, marking the poles, making inscriptions and other works of finishing of the trunk route and associated works.

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov gives much importance to performing all the necessary verifications and tests. Our workers verify the trunk route and the line safety area; they verify and test the earthing installations, the poles and the foundations.

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Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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