istoric elecon brasov, istoric proiectare si executare instalatii electrice


ELECON History

The production and use of electric energy in Romania began during the late 19th century.

In 1873 a temporary electric illuminator was used in Iasi.

The first extended street lighting system in Europe comprising 731 lighting fixtures was accomplished in Timisoara in 1884.

Electric power was used in oil extraction for the first time ever in 1897 in Câmpina.

The General Gas and Electricity Company was set-up in Bucharest in 1906.

Transilvania Electric Company was set-up in Sibiu in 1924.

The Electric Network Enterprise was set-up in 1949. It had specialized units that provided especially investment works in the field of electric networks.

In 1965 these units became construction and mounting sites and in 1984 they were turned into construction and mounting enterprises. They took back their former site names after 1990.

In 1992 the construction and mounting sites and a part of the design departments broke off from the RENEL Branches and turned into joint stock companies.

In 1993, after breaking off from I.R.E. Brasov Co. based on the Government Decree no. 322/1992, SC Electrocontructia S.A. Brasov was set-up as a joint stock company, Romanian legal person entirely based on private capital.

Company competences

Our products

Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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