proiectare instalatii electrice, executare instalatii electrice



  • The testing of electroenergetic installations and equipment;
  • The design and building of indoor electric installations for civil and industrial engineering, open and underground service lines;
  • The design of electric, open or underground electric lines with nominal tensions of 0,4÷400 kV and transformer points;
  • The building of electric, open or underground electric lines with nominal tensions of 0,4÷400 kV and transformer points;
  • The mounting of measurement equipment, including AMR type systems
  • Street lighting system repairs;
  • Quality control and guarantee for the constructions performed;
  • Car maintenance and repairs;
  • PRAM measurements, control and testing (e.g.: ground net check-ups);
  • Design and consulting activities;
  • rental generator sets of 130 kVA and 220 kVA;
  • Additional activities: rentals of vehicles and equipment (* link to the table), premises, warehouses etc.;
  • Commercial – trade representation;
  • Marketing (market studies and the draw-up of marketing plans, the draw-up of the documentation required for the participation into tenders, procurement actions).

S.C. Electroconstructia ELECON S.A. Brasov, which has long operated in the field of electroenergetic works, has specialized in the construction of the most diverse types of installations at a high technical level:

  • The construction of open and underground low voltage lines of up to 1kV;
  • The construction of open and underground average voltage lines of up to 20kV and of 110 kV lines;
  • The construction and equipping of transformer units in metallic or built shelters, or aerial, underground or pole-suspended boxes;
  • The performance of public lighting works such as street, park and garden lighting, the lighting of street fronts;
  • Works of electric power supply of the new consumers connected to the public network;
  • The making of underground and overhead line service connections and indoor installations for different consumers;
  • Carrying out secondary circuit works, verifying and adjusting the protection and automation installations, leader cables etc.
  • Carrying out capital repair and modernizing works on the open and underground electric network at any voltage;
  • The modernizing, reequipping and rehabilitation of the transformer points and stations.

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Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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