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About Us

S.C. Electroconstructia ELECON S.A. Brasov is organized and operates based on its own articles of association.

The company’s organizational chart has been set by the general assembly and it mainly contains functional services, production departments, workshops and work teams.

The organization has permanent employees working in specialized teams for execution of works, adequate facilities, transportation technology, ironworks workshop, storerooms and warehouses for materials, overhead crane and industrial railway.

Regarding all the works, products and services provided, SC Electroconstructia ELECON SA guarantees compliance with the legislation in force and the service established according to the contractual provisions.

The consistent orientation of the company’s management towards the traditional and well known producers of electric equipment such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, PHILIPS, A.B.B. etc. and its desire to obtain value and to continuously improve the company’s activity by keeping close to the latest trends and innovations in the business, give us the chance to offer efficient and high quality services, products and works.

Among the most important customers of our company we would like to mention:

  •  S.C. FDFEE “ELECTRICA” Transilvania Sud S.A. – S.D.F.E.E. Brasov;
  • Brasov Municipality;
  • Sacele Municipality;
  • The Town Halls of Budila, Tarlungeni and Apata;
  • S.C. FLASH LIGHTING SERV S.A. Bucuresti;
  • Brasov County Council
  • National Agency for Employment of Bucuresti;
  • S.C. ENERGOBIT S.R.L. Brasov;
  • S.C. ARO PALACE Brasov;
  • S.C. Hidroconstructia S.A. Bucuresti;
  • S.C. HEIN ROMANIA S.R.L. Bucuresti;
  • Casa Auto Brasov;
  • S.C. MATRO CASH & CARRY Romania S.A. Bucuresti;
  • S.C. ELMA THERM S.R.L. KROMRIZ CEHIA – Brasov Branch;
  • S.C. ALPIN S.A. Bucuresti;
  • S.C. Gas Energy S.A. Fagaras.

S.C. Electroconstructia ELECON S.A. Brasov has implemented a quality and environment management system in which the policy and objectives of the organization are set by the highest level of the company management, in accordance with the organizational chart, the responsibilities of the operative staff and the structure of the technical documentation used, including the details and procedures established in such documentation.

Company competences

Our products

Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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str. Zizinului nr. 100A,
500407, BraČ™ov, România


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