retele electrice subterane


Underground Electric Networks

Cabled electric lines are one of the main sectors of electroenergetic works both through their volume and the technical and technological challenges posed by their execution.

The rapid growth of the towns and cities, the expansion of the building areas, the density and size of the buildings, as well as the continuous rise of the standard of life of the population determine a significant increase of the consumption of electric power in urban areas. This has led to the development of the underground public electric networks and the laying down of some important volume of cables for the building of the power supply system of industrial, commercial and various other consumers.

Having vast experience acquired over the years, S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov is organized and certified to build cabled electric networks in compliance with the conditions set by the beneficiaries.

Specialized in the building of underground electric networks, the working teams of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov pay much attention to each building stage by complying with the projects and instructions of the suppliers for the mounting of materials and equipment, thus guaranteeing the quality of their works.

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov surrenders works to the beneficiaries after having completed all the verifications and tests, and after making all the detailed plans of the trunk routes.

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Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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