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Public Lighting

The specialists of S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasovhave obtained significant results in the building and modernizing of public lighting networks in the communes, towns and cities of Brasov County.  Each town and commune treats the lighting network as a “business card” of the place.

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov designs and performs all the works connected to the building of a public lighting installation:

  • underground concealed wiring for the power supply of the illuminators;
  • public lighting aerial electric lines or circuit on shared poles;
  • the mounting of public lighting poles;
  • the making and mounting of brackets for the clamping-in of the illuminators;
  • the design, making and mounting of public lighting metal poles;
  • the mounting of street illuminators or illuminators for special lighting purposes (ornamental lighting, special lighting on public holidays).

S.C. Electrocontructia ELECON S.A. Brasov participates as a partner service provider into the modernizing works on the street lighting system in Brasov City. The company also provides repair and maintenance of the street lighting system in the municipal town of Sacele.

Upon request our company may provide street lighting repair and maintenance services in other communes and towns.

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Electric networking operations performed under the conditions of required increased safety and reliability at exploitation led to the necessity to make certain metal products in the workshops of the company.

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